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Auction Arbitrage, LLC

re you ready to be completely amazed...? ... Making money on eBay is so easy!

This is All about finding Nice, Expensive Products that are being Auctioned So Badly that You can Win Them for Practically Nothing!

Once They're Yours, YOU can Sell Them for Alot More!

I used to sell truckloads of goods on ebay and made good money at it.  One day during a slow week of inventory, I was browsing through ebay looking at the same items for sale that I had been selling.  I was stunned – So many of them had sold for much less than mine did!  

I looked into this further and found all sorts of reasons why.  Then it became clear!  Why should I keep trying to find more things to sell on ebay when they’re right there in front of me?  So I began doing Arbitrage and soon forgot about looking outside ebay for anything else to sell on ebay.  Now, Everything I Sell on eBay, I Bought on eBay – For Less!

... And I'm going to show you how:

But First - I'm also going to Give You My Exact eBay Listing Template!

Besides knowing what to sell on eBay, or keeping up an inventory, is knowing How to List Your Auctions!  Over the years I have developed the Perfect eBay Listing that consistently pulls in the Highest Bids on any of the same items ending at the same time by any other seller!  All you have to do is cut & paste this format into your own auctions and the rest is simple and painless!

Included is a 6 Page Guide on How and Why these Strategies Work!

This is the Most Comprehensive System on How to search through eBay listings and win auctions on items that you will re-auction yourself and get paid MUCH MORE than what you paid – Arbitrage

Note: This book is completely self-contained.  Although there are helpful “links” to outside information, NONE are required to complete this package.

Here are some of the things you will uncover...

You will have complete control over what you’re going to sell on ebay and how much you’ll pay for it.

You will know what to bid on and why, how to guarantee a win, and how much profit you can make.

This is a Treasure Hunt! – it’s both exciting and addicting.

You do not need to be an expert in any category.

You will soon be spotting better deals more often as your instincts become sharper and more accurate.
You will have to force yourself away from ebay and the dread of missing out on more great finds!
No more inventory dry spells.
You will actually find your inventory growing faster than you can resell and ship it back out.
Most of the original work, like packing, is already done for you.
Depending on how much Arbitrage you want to do or how much income you want to make, this can easily become a full time occupation.
You never have to leave to go anywhere.
Work at your own pace – Answer to nobody.

This is a dedicated guide strictly focusing only on eBay Arbitrage through a system of getting prepared and moving chronologically through the steps of finding, buying and reselling for profit.


Tim Says Doing Business On Ebay Is Easier And Clearer Now

I've heard of arbitrage before and started looking around ebay for bad auctions to find and got totally confused. Then I read your book and it cleared it all up. I like the way you go step by step from beginning to end that now I know the auctions I win I will make more money on. Thanks!

Tim G. - Brentwood, TN


Sheila Feels It's So Much Fun Now...

You were right about losing track of time. This is so much fun!!!!!! I was finding so many things to put snipes on that the day was over and the sun went down before I realized it. I've got to get a handle on this and know when to stop.

Sheila R. - Potomac, MD


Hans Is Now Confident He will Always Have Products To Sell ...

The best part about this is that it has put away my never ending fear of running out of things to sell on ebay.

Hans M. - Latana, TX


Dale Now So Involved In Buying And Selling On Ebay...

I had no idea there was so much to pick from! I couldn't decide which category to start from, so I finally had to just go with one and now I'm so involved with it I don't know if I'll ever get around to checking out any others.

Dale C. - Manchester, U.K.


Mike Now Knows How To Take Advantage Of The Ebay Market...

I've always thought of ebay sellers as a lot more savvy than I've come to find out. Some people are practically giving away their things and that's where you taught me to take over. You know where I'll be looking from now on. This is great!

Mike U. - Rexburg, ID


Roxanne Now understands Flipping...

I never thought you could 'flip' ebay stuff. I thought flipping was for houses. Now it's pretty clear that you can flip anything and that makes ebay a goldmine. I would have never known it it wasn't for your book.

Roxanne A. - Sunnyvale, CA


Jagroop Found A New Opportunity...

Who would have ever known you could make this into a business? I'm going to run out of room pretty soon and may need to hire someone for the back end!

Jagroop D. - Terryville, CT


With eBay Arbitrage In Your Possession, Selling On Ebay Will Always Be Easy And Profitable.

How to search through every auction in a category before they end - without missing any.

9 types of auction listings you should look for before opening any.
5 instant eye catchers you should look for inside any auction listing.
7 ways to look at an auction so you can find out everything you need to know before you bid.
4 ways to find out what an auction is actually worth and how much people are willing to pay.
Types of sellers you’ll be buying from with the advantages of each and what to look out for.
When and What to ask a seller – and How to ask.
What Sniping is and when you should do it.
How to Snipe with the click of a button.
When Not to Snipe.
How you can make Quantity Purchases of unlisted items from a single auction.
When and why you should bid on an auction when nobody else will.
When to explore or ignore Reserve and Buy-it-Now auctions.
7 ways to sort your winnings so you can resell them fast.
The best shippers to use and what they’ll give and do for you for free.
6 ways to avoid loss from shipping damage and how you can actually gain from it.
How to solve problems with sellers and never lose.
When to leave feedback and why.
How to avoid any negative feedback.
7 tips on making the best of your own auction listings that you’ve probably never heard of.
What 2 items must always be included in your purchases and auctions that are usually ignored, yet easy to obtain.
4 free things you should always include with your packaging to make your customers ecstatic - especially if they paid too much.
What you should never include with your packaging.
How to get your seller to eliminate their shipping charges.

This book is NOT about selling stuff around the house, garage sales, dropshipping, liquidation/surplus, etc.
The method of Arbitrage described in this book is NOT based on guessing, misspellings, or random, aimless searches.
You may have already tried some Arbitrage but got lost in all the thousands of listings or just got too overwhelmed to know what to do next. That won’t happen with this step-by-step, chonological system.
You will quickly find yourself sniping on items you know little about but driven more by your expertise.
You will start to specialize on certain items within a category where sniping and reselling just those few items alone will keep you busy.
By learning and doing Arbitage, you will become more adept at searching and sniping for your own personal ebay possessions than ever before.
Included is a complete and organized daily schedule for the most efficient use of your time – without it, you’ll end up sniping all day and wondering where all the time went!
Also included is vital information for a checklist you will use for tracking everything (who, what, when, where, etc.) about an item before, during, and after it’s been bought, listed, and resold.
You can actually be your own dropshipper and avoid shipping charges altogether. Included are tips for shipping directly from your seller to your buyer and the possible snags to avoid.
The space that’s been occupied by your seasonal or bulk inventories will be replaced by a stash of packing supplies that will mysteriously continue to grow.
Never again will you have to take any packages anywhere to buy postage and send out.
You don’t need anything more than what you already have for Arbitrage – No special software, No extra supplies – Just this one single book!
You will customize your personal “My eBay” page in ebay to be your own Arbitrage Control Panel with everything you need to monitor your ongoing activity all at once.
You will filter, customize, and “Bookmark” several important Arbitrage shortcuts to take you to key pages within ebay at the click of a button.
Enhancements to your internet browser are also given that will save you time and your fingers from excess keyboard punching and mouse clicking.
Arbitrage is not limited only to eBay but can be done on any other online Auction Site as well – If you have time.

There is so much more wealth of profitable eBay buying and selling strategies inside this enormous compilation that I can't possibly list them all here.

   I'll stop and let you find out the rest for yourself.

One (1) Arbitrage Can
More Than Pay You Back For This Book!



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